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it came out of the wordwork

Still working on --
Still working on --

my chess. Monday night I had 4 interesting games with a guy who used to be ranked in the Top 5 in state...
I lost 4 games Monday night. Me, I'm hoping to get back into some tournaments this year and make it into the Maine Top 100 someday soon. Also still working on getting more chess club flyers out and about the greater Central Maine area...

Still working on --

That home refi thing. Wheee... the appraiser was here and liked our neighborhood. I'm told that papers are on their way to Washington (or wherever else the headquarter those things these days) and that we may have just about enough equity here to make this work. ..still working on crossing fingers nad toes on that, you betcha.

Still working on --

the upcoming Second Life appearance on Saturday .. that'll be at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM SL time, at Publishing Island. Look for Elan Neruda ... let's see... yes: *Paying the Bills While Paying Your Dues: a partially practical guide to writing genre fiction for a living*

Oh, and Shawna and Anhayla have done a good job getting a snap booth set up for me -- many thanks! That's also on Publishing Island --

Still working On --

that revamp of Korval.com. How could I have had *that many* sets of old web pages from 1998-2003? And geesh... all those directories...I'll learn the ways, surely I will.

Still working on --

the srmpublisher.com catalog. I *do* intend to get the ISBNs on everything, yessir.

Still working on --

Saltation for next Monday...

Still working on --

avoiding today's writing!

**Edited to add**

Still working on --

where I'll put those books. Sean reports from the old Meisha Merlin warehouse that there were still a few Lee and Miller books there, and he'll mail us a couple cases. AFAIK this should absolutely close down the MM story.

So now:

What are you still working on, or avoiding working on, anyway?