April 15th, 2008


In case you haven't heard

As reported elsewhere.

Attention: Subscribers to Fledgling and Saltation, Fans of Theo Waitley, Friends of Liad, and All the Ships at Sea

Now it can be told.

Baen Books will be publishing the dead tree edition of Fledgling and, when it’s ready, Saltation. That’s the short form and it is Wonderful News Indeed.

The slightly longer form is that subscribers to Fledgling and/or Saltation will receive their books as promised. Baen will supply a portion of our advance in books, enough to cover the subscriptions, which we’ll sign and mail from the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory – that’s 1,200 volumes for Fledgling, and up to 1,000 Saltations.

The rest of the books will go into Baen’s regular distribution channel and will be available from your favorite bookstore. For those who prefer ebooks, both novels will be available through Baen Webscriptions.

As with any negotiation, there was some give-and-take involved. Part of this negotiation revolved around the form in which the books will be published. There exists the possibility – the language is in the contract – that Baen will decide not to publish a trade paper edition. If they make that decision, then subscribers will receive hardcovers.

Publication dates are not yet in hand; as soon as we have them, we’ll shout them from the rooftops. We did want to give this wonderful news to everyone who supported us and our work as soon as we were certain ourselves.

We’re very grateful to Toni Weisskopf at Baen, and to Jenn Jackson, our agent, who both did master class piloting in order to bring this one safely to port.
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Sightings --

Today we saw a couple of pairs of grosbeaks on the deck ... our first of the season...

Today I saw (and acquired a copy of) Entertainment Weekly #987, the April 18 issue. Congratulations to Uncle Hugo Bookstore of Minneapolis, who supplied the Top 20 list of current science fiction there on page 69. Kudos to The Copy Center Plus, who printed two of the books in that top 20. Book #13 and Book#20 ... are Liaden Universe Companion #1 in mass market and Dragon Tide, respectively. Cool! Thanks to several sharp=eyed readers for bringing this to our attention.

Sharon saw a deer yesterday, and I saw the hawk down the street. Today, I saw but couldn't get a photo of an eagle in our backyard. I also saw the pan I was cooking in when the eagle grabbed my attention. Do not try getting photo of eagle in backyard while cooking -- repeat, do not try this at home.