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it came out of the wordwork

Me and the governor and other mixed news
Me and the governor were in the same room yesterday ...
but I doubt he knew it.

The literary tea celebrating national poetry month was a hoot anyway; I met the state's two First Dogs and they were polite and attentive. The poetry we heard was good, and I got to be a participant by chanting along with several poems (I was one of several people invited to be a chorus for these) and I also met a man with a mission: Ron Watier ... see


and so .... if you have room or your land for a storyteller's circle talk to or email Ron -- he's looking for people to help build a nationwide network of storyteller's circles. Be a link in the chain ...

Elsewise I stopped at B&N on the way home from the poetry stuff and ... it looks like we've been invited to participate in an upcoming event there in Augusta. News as that unfolds.