April 3rd, 2008


One more little thing...and an update!

We like to have our train tickets in hand before we head out for the station: an old habit. So today I ordered the tickets for our trip to Denvention, figuring that, with other convention in town that week and operatives moving in ahead of time for the Democratic Convention (which is in town a couple week after us), room on board might get tight.

So I went through with the deal and found space on-board... and discovered that AMTRAK will permit us to pick up the tickets at the station or ... they will charge us $15 for Express Mail delivery. Got to be someone here to sign for them -- Priority isn't good enough... sigh. I feel so secure.

I am not pleased. On the other hand I'm not driving 2200 miles (each way) in high summer just to object.

So far then: we have ordered tickets. We have reserved rooms. We have put in motion requests for party space. We're looking to have a Friends of Liad breakfast. We have each sent off a bio. We have made preliminary arrangements for cat sitter. We have each sent of a photo, we have begun planning what me might read since ... Duainfey will come out at the end of August (or early September) and not the beginning.

I was also going to start my walking tomorrow, so I'll be in decent shape for the Mile High City. On the other hand, there's snow in the forecast, so I did a short walk today, and rescued Santa Claus to boot.

Amended to add: It looks like, given baggage limitations, that I may need volunteers to bring some items with them to Denvention. If you are going to be driving to the con
and might have room for a box or two around 10X18X11 or 12X12X10 (approximates)and under 30 lbs... let me know. Thx!

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