April 1st, 2008


News of the old school

So, as mentioned in Rolanni's blog today, 30 years ago today we moved our cats and us into the same house... a townhouse, actually, at Bright Meadows, in Owings Mills, Maryland. We lived there for around 8 years before finally moving into Public Storage, in Randallstown, Md, where we had an on-the-property house carefully disguised as a bunch of storage units.

I'd felt funny about moving to Randallstown because that's where my childhood school (after moving from Baltimore's Pimlico_ in second grade) was. I'd have been seven then, IIRC.

That house in Randallstown had begun feeling ... vulnerable... to us before we moved: we were on a road that was over-crowded and getting more so daily, and friends who worked in the local convenience store found it a good month when they weren't robbed at least once. There'd been a shoot-out in a local school, and then a horrible accident on the verge of the property we managed, where a teenager managed to flip a stolen Corvette into the upper branches of a 60 feet tree in a crash we heard one night. We'd planned on moving "with the company" to a new PS in New England, and we'd started prospecting New Hampshire and Maine in pursuit of that when the company changed the housing policy and pay details drastically... but by then we were thinking Maine, anyway.

So, that hidden house in Randallstown, was our final home in Maryland ... and in fact later this year -- long about AlbaCon, -- we'll be celebrating 20 years in Maine.

So, about the old school, the one I went to around the start of the Space Age:

What a world we live in. Guess the kid's lucky to be expelled instead of dead.