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it came out of the wordwork

And there you go
The trip to and from Newport yesterday was considerably enlivened by wind and brief bursts of snow; in fact the meeting with Jim Hetley was a little late since he waited out a snow squall that would have left driving sight-distance at about ten hood-lengths.... By the way, despite the lack of 9000 motels, I finally realized that the Newport-Palmrya offramp region reminds me of Breezewood, PA. I haven't been to Breezewood in some years...

Else, fairly domestic yesterday around some writing and technical things for the new srmpublisher.com catalog ... need to change the SKUs on a bunch of things before it becomes onerous, might change some catalog settings. Still learning the new back-end for SRM, which is capable of some very useful imports, reports, and exports. Oh yeah, am pleased to report the catalog will have some more *signed* Jim Hetley books up RSN.

Also domestic ... Elan bopped about Second Life for an hour or so while other things were going on here (got out the cat-eating machine for a quick run around the kitchen, living room, hall, and my office, used some baking soda on the co-pilot's chair, brought boxes of books in from the car... and Elan finally found himself a stud earring that he could modify to the proper shade. So there. If you need a modable stud earring in SL, IM Elan Neruda and he'll send you to the spot...

Coffee -- I haz it. Fud -- I needz it.

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