March 29th, 2008

Second Life

Up early for the road

Up early today to take care of some SRM Publisher business ...we put it off from yesterday because of the traveling in snow stuff... and of course it snowed well into the evening, so our road, at least is well covered and the potholes are lurking. I'll be meeting up with fellow SFNovelist Jim Hetley, at Timmie's ... you know this is Maine when you see the "reserved for snowmobiles" parking section...

Coffee is made.

Sun on the horizon, or at least threatening to come up behind the stand of snow-coated trees. Moon has a section of sky with no clouds. The birds -- blue jays and doves and chickadees are all looking for breakfast, and to tell you the truth, I've only got about 5 lbs of really cheapo birdseed left. Who expected to be feeding this much this late? It doesn't help that the grackles and red wings are in town.

We're making plans to do another in-world Second Life appearance toward the end of April -- hope you can make it. Once I get the SRM Publisher catalog and rebuild finished (gie me a month or so for it all) I hope to start a weekly writer's coffee hour at the Friends of Liad Park. The park has been open for several years and features a horseshoe-shaped meeting area that lets you sit and talk without losing track of your your avatar or your audience. There's also an SRM Publisher "store" on the lot next door -- take a look.

Also -- if you're in Second Life and you haven't participated in the Sunflower growing, it may be worth a visit to Intel Island. Me -- as Elan Neruda -- I got my seed packet from Shawna Montgomery and thus every time I plant a sunflower in Second Life (with a chance to win a super gaming laptop!) Shawna also gets credit toward being top planter ... and each sunflower also goes toward an Intel donation to a conservation fund. If you're interested in participating in-world, drop Elan Neruda a note andI'll try to send to send you a Shawna seed-pack copy, or else track down almost anyone from Avalon in the Tiny Empires in-world game.

Me for breakfast!
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