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it came out of the wordwork

Quick check in
Snow ---

that happened overnight. About an inch, I guess, just enough to cover most of the dirty snow we've been seeing the last day or two. Enough snow that the town sent out the sand trucks.

The problem with the car turned out to be a problem with the service of the local shop. The dealer got me back on the road within 30 minutes, and with minimum expense. It *did* cost me a few hours in travel and wait time (especially at the local shop) ... but is good. Also good .. the visit to the dealer was enlivened by a fox-sighting on the way dawn and a close-encounter eagle sighting -- on the edge of the Kennebec -- on the way back.

Chess Monday ... was pretty good, with some traveling players from the south stopping by. Lots of speed chess for, nothing too serious, and a good relaxing (if late) night. I took in a couple sample chess-club fliers and they're going to go out to a couple of libraries; as time permits I'll make more up and we'll start the membership campaign in earnest.

Thanks for the look-over at srmpublisher.com. I'm still making some corrections and doing some spiffifying, but it does look like we'll be at full strength over there RSN.

Today's focus: some more back-order catch up, some web work, some correspondence.