March 24th, 2008


Busy is good, right?

If busy is good, I'm doing great ...

for example, in less than an hour I need to many miles away, with my car to get it repaired. Lucky me.

So ...

At Boskone... we introduced (and handed out quite a few) badge ribbons to stick across the bottom of the con badge/badge holders ... I'm sure you've seen them... colorful and fun. Ours say:

1 Vote For Boss Conrad
I Follow Theo Waitley
Monday is For Saltation
Read Advertently
The Stars Are Dancing
Flaran Cha' menthi

we have some left and are looking for folks to hand them out at cons (and take SRM fliers, too, possibly)... but we're also looking ahead to Denvention to see which badge ribbons we should be sure to have more of, and what other such ribbons we really ought to have ... We need time to plan and budget for these, so now is not too soon.

Meanwhile, I've been working hard with Andre the webguy to get the new SRM catalog in gear. It *is* approaching gear, but let's be truthful ... this is still beta. If you want to *look at it* you can go to and take a gander. I think the ordering system is in gear, but, it *is beta* and we're still adjusting things ... I still need to get the ISBNs in for example, and not all the categories are complete... meanwhile, I have a box of catch-up orders that will not be getting out today because the advice of all concerned about my car is *to not pass go, do not go to the PO, drive the car directly to the dealer and crossfingers* ... so those things will get mailed tomorrow.

Tonight is supposed be chess night for me. We shall see.