March 19th, 2008


Quick report: snow and other such, plus other stuff.

Yes, it is ... snowing lightly here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory. Really. Sigh...

I never did get to chess the other night, and last night was a Library Trustee meeting, which was short because we had people out with the flu, which seems to be in supply locally.

In between I've been solving and packing orders, which is a slow process for the ones that have the database info scattered all over a hard drive. Doable, but slow. Also in between ... work on the main catalog, which I hope to have online in full glory - or at least semi-working order -- by Friday, noon. My time.

Also, we'll probably be upgrading the Cafe Press shop. What, you didn't know there was an SRM Publisher official boardwalk shop? With things Liaden? Well then:

There's been a suggestion that we have a Stuffed Friends breakfast at Denvention ... I dunno. Might work... in the meantime: ... ahhhhhh.

Snow is heavier, and sleet is due later, just in time for my visit to the doctor this afternoon. Well there, that's a plan, right? Here's the brief form:

Winter Weather Advisory in effect to 11 PM EDT ... Light snow likely this morning...then snow and sleet this afternoon. Chance of snow near 100 percent. Tonight ... Sleet and and freezing rain, then rain and freezing rain. Rain may be heavy at times after midnight. Thursday .... Rain likely in the morning...then rain and snow in the afternoon. Thursday Night ...Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow.

More later.
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