March 12th, 2008


Off to the post office very soon now

Snow in the sky, soon to be on the wings of the crows and on my deck...

they tell us we'll have a couple inches of snow today, hooray. Ought to be pretty. One of the worst things about having a winter's worth of snow thawing to the ground is that there's also a winter's worth of dirt, dust, sand, soot, leaves, blown-paper, seed hulls, and bird-stuff among it. A reprieve is fine.

I'm going to be warming up the Subaru RSN for a quick morning trip to town. The Sube's headlight transplant was a success and the tire rotation was thrown in for free; the oil change .... was not gratis. On the other hand, we're set for spring a few weeks early.

The email log jam we experienced lat night is apparently over and I have on hand ten or fifteen real emails on the "where's my book" topic. I'm hoping that'll solve some of the half-dozen "moved -- no forwarding order" and "Undeliverable as addressed" things tucked in a box in the basement. The scary thing is that we've had a number of things come back with "Undeliverable as addressed" that have gone to the same address we've been using for people for more than ten years -- and they haven't moved.

More maybe in a bit, after we see what the PO Box brings.

Tomorrow, plans include a Janis Ian concert!