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it came out of the wordwork

Today's stuff

our catalog webguy is still hard at work. APIs and passwords, implementations and empty categories, images and links, all in process... wheee... The new catalog may be done before Easter. Realio trulio...maybe even by St. Patrick's Day.

I took the Subaru to be serviced, dropping it off and then taking over Sharon's Binjali for the day. The propane guy was here, filling the tank now that the plowguy's work for the season is done ... that 8 foot wall of snow was too daunting the last time the propane guy came by...

Am playing with Firefox 3 beta4, which is wicked fast. They tell me the memory links are plugged, too.

Meanwhile, pink dogs -- you're doing it wrong:

Have packed a few orders, and have a bunch more to pack. Have been slowly catching up with the "missing Dragon Tide" reports and discover a few "missing LUC2 reports" among them. Lots of paper to move in tracking these things, so it may take awhile.

Oh right, there was a Liaden Universe® Infodumpling yesterday:

hah ... stuff happened yesterday. Just wait until we can tell you about it! Among other things, Duainfey, the Copy Edited Manuscript arrived in house. It is being studied, checked, and repaired.

Chess was last night. Boy ... I think I won two games out of ten ... sharp I was not. We had a good crowd though, and that was good.

Back to work. Me, not you.

Well there Roadrunner
In passing we note that any of our email depending on servers formerly adelphia and now Roadrunner ... is stopped at the moment. Even the tech Sharon talked to said *his* email had gone down. So...patience. This is not a virtue I'm easy with, alas, so we'll see what gives.