March 7th, 2008


Incoming ....

Says the weather dude:

Rain and snow. Freezing rain after midnight. Snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches.

Freezing rain and sleet.

Saturday Night
Freezing rain and sleet in the evening...then freezing rain and sleet likely after midnight.

Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow showers...freezing rain and sleet in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon

Where *did* that "sunny" sneak in from?

Meanwhile, still doing catch-up on a couple sides of things. Zola, if you read this, we *really are* going to start moving on that update once the catalog is done. New catalog may hit by March 15.

Today's complaint: why are there two exclamation points on the top of the latest issue of Locus?? have they, like...!! gone frenetic?? Got double vision?? No excuse, sez I. The only place multiple punctuation like that make sense is chess -- where ! means something and !? or ?! means something much different. Really!