March 6th, 2008



Yesterday was intermittent ...

We had snow/sleet turning to snow/ice pellets turning to ice pellets/snow to ice pellets/freezing rain to freezing mist to mist and back again... a real mess.

over the day I was working, as I could, on the new catalog; things got hairy though because somewhere between here and there we were having both cable (call it connectivity) interruptions as well as power fluctuation and outages. We're on the last mile of cable and in the midst of thick woods -- ten years ago we were just about at ground zero of the ice storm --

Starting yesterday around 4 PM until about 1 AM this morning I must have heard the UPS klaxons a few dozen times; Sharon came sliding home from work and we read and used laptops rather than fight the fight with trying to get cable back online consistently, then we broke for early cheese and baloney sammich with pink wine instead of trying to cook anything.

Meanwhile, today in bright sun, work goes forth on several SRM projects ... we've looked at several offices in the last weeks and have been gnawing at getting the database-crashed orders out to readers. if you ordered from SRM between October and January and haven't seen something you thought you should have, please check the order email for an address to email me so I can check it out. We had around a dozen orders that could not be delivered as addressed and a number of others that seem to have just ... evaporated. I'd really like to get this stuff cleaned up before the new catalog goes online. Speaking of which:

Those of you who have been given the secret SRM Publisher test-site info, feel free to take a look at the updated catalog, which is almost showing form and function. RSN, we hope.

Oh yes, sometime I need to update the word-counts for Saltation .. .right now I have no clue how far along it actually is, wordwise.

Today is trash day ... guess I better skate the trash out to the "curb" ... which is about a 60 inch tall pile of snow at the end of the drive. With temps to go to the 40s today, it'll be damp later.

Note to SFWAns: I'm not fond of getting let's recast the Nebulas. We could start now and have the revamped format in place for 2010.