February 23rd, 2008


Not away away, just away, but been away

Short note:

we're home from Boskone and have been.

Boskone report: things went wrong, things went right. We saw quite a few of the folks we'd anticipated seeing, met some new readers, and had a blast with our two nights of partying on Friday and Saturday. Sorry you couldn't all be there. Alas, Pandemonium Books was unable to represent us at the con, afterall, and so we depended on a mash-up of Friends of Liad booksellers to get Liaden Universe Companion Number 1 (mass market size) and some other stuff (including some otherwise out of print chapbooks) out for readers.

Had a very special couple hours last Sunday, starting out with the 11 AM "panel" consisting of us -- Steve, Sharon, and the Friends of Liad, talking about 20 years of the Liaden Universe. I didn't get a count on the room, but we were in a good size room which was respectably filled for that early on a Sunday -- so there were maybe 50 people overall, what with arrivals and departures. Not only that --- but we gave out FoL business cards, and lots of URLs for folks who didn't know about some of our projects, so that was good. It was good to get some of the laughs we did, because they'd could only have come from advertent readers. Some of the readers had never seen us at a con before, including a number of Baen Barflies out for the first con or forst east coast con. Welcome ot the FoL fold, gang!

Immediately after that good thing, at noon I dashed downstairs where I got to be moderator for a panel consisting of GoH David Weber, GoH Bruce Coville, Patrick Neilsen-Hayden of Tor, and myself, on the topic of "influences." Ought to tell you more about this, and maybe will continue when time permits (which it does not at the moment). Mentioned influences: R. Zelazny, E. Cameron, R. Heinlein, Ted White, L. Alexander, Robert E. Howard, many others. The panel ran out of time before we got to audience question -- we could have gone for another hour!

Much of the week has been spent trying to tie up loose ends, not all that successfully. I have caught up some of the Dragon Tide orders, and some of the work on new SRM catalog pages; I think what I haven't done is find my new in-town office, even though I inspected some.

This week I had to put in an order for a reprint of Dragon Tide. Cross fingers, due in next week, along with a bunch of other chapbooks getting smaller reprints.

More soon. After I clean the deck. It snowed overnight.