February 13th, 2008


Rushing off in all directions at once

We seem to be rushing off in all direction at once today. I expected to be putting up a post of more note but.. we have freezing rain on top of about 8 inches of snow and the lights are flickering so I'll just say hello, thanks for reading, hope you're comfortable, and hope to see you at Boskone. We'll get there, though if conditions are like this too long tomorrow we may have trouble making the train...

2 quick questions:

does your family have a member who ... everything happens to? The person most likely to buy the chocolate ice cream miss-marked as vanilla, most likely to have the wheel fall off the car after having new tires put on, most likely to be stuck in the 12 mile back-up in a snowstorm, most likely to be the one to arrive at the theatre after the doors are shut, or mislay the wedding ring?

If the answer above is "yes" ... are you that person?

One last note:The Friends of Liad party should be Saturday night at Boskone -- be there or .. .well... be elsewhere.