February 11th, 2008

Lord Black Cat

News From The Back

So ...

yes, my back is aching today; I moved a couple thousand pounds worth of books (that's weight, not cash!) over the weekend and I may have overdone that -- or maybe it was the snow shoveling, ice-clearing, or cat wrestling. Or the cold/fluish stuff. Heck, could be anything. In any case, oooch.

Meanwhile, we've made some still invisible to you progress with the updating of the SRM Publisher catalog and the general Korval site, in part due to diligent volunteers. Thanks crew, things move forward!

Speaking of forward, or at least of Saltation, the numbers are:

8537 / 111111 words. 8% done!

Saltation, Chapter 4 went up moments before the noon deadline -- I won't go into the litany of silly software updates that interrupted my morning plans, except to say "Apple and HP, I detest the way your friendly updates screw-up my mornings."

We had a truck truck truck moment today, with the UPS driver arriving at least a day sooner than I was expecting. So, something for FoL members at Boskone is arriven. Still sorting out the Boskone plans for the suite as someone had to unmake plans over the weekend. Sigh. We'll figure it out.

Ooops .. try again; thankfully LJ did back-up most of what I was working on, thank you. Here we're having intermittent power and connectivity outages as snow covered branches, driven bu 25-45 mile an hour gusts, are sweeping some of the power line locally. It *really is very pretty* I must say. Darn cold, too... 16 degrees in the heat of day, with a 40 mile an hour wind. You do the shivers... not liek a true January icebox, but hey, this month is getting to be less January all the time.

And oh, I've been following the latest shuttle mission -- watched the launch as I packed the other day, and now there's NASA TV again. Whee... I'm glad my boss is understanding about these habits of mine...

So: what's you favorite non-manned current space mission?
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