February 5th, 2008


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1: About the Google thing I mentioned recently ... it does look like those numbers/locations are slowly rising. At the link below is posted a banner and HTML you can use to add a Saltation link directly to your own website ... do drop down and read the posts to find the correct one ...


There are some spoilers on the Theo Waitley pages there, so caution is advised if you've never visited that community before.

2: Liaden Universe Companion #1, the mass market edition, from SRM Publisher, Ltd...should be at Boskone. I've held an advance copy in my hands, hurrah! Within a few days of the end of Boskone will be in the bookstores and convention dealers SRM Publisher deals with directly. We ought also to have it online by then as well; but we're still working on that online catalog.

3: With the snowy conditions today I still need to get out to the PO and mail some stuff; I expect this'll add and extra hour or two to the getting around.

4: Last night was chess night in Waterville and company was thin, in part I expect due to the expected snow and ice. John an Mark got a few games in but then Mark challenged me to a club-rated game and I'm not sure about what else may have happened in other games as our game was pretty intense. I tried a variation on one of my favortie openings with white, one that invites an attack. Alas, I miscounted early and ended up a piece for a pawn down with bishops of opposite colors, and given the strange pawn structure and king placement by the middle game I traded my remaining rook to go black bishop against white bishop and rook... and offered a draw. Mark declined, and I connected the black bishop with the passed pawn on the king side, locking black out of my side and slowly advancing diagonally with the king despite being a piece down. Managed to queen a pawn, forcing Mark's rook off the board to take it... and then had a passed pawn on one side of the board and a potential passer on the other ... at which point I declined the draw offer and took the game on time, so I picked up a few points and moved up a position in the club ladder. Wheee....

5: Also about rankings... kind of scary to have the revisions on screen while the book is already on sale...Duainfey was running at Amazon.com Sales Rank: #105,863 for a book due in September...
http://www.amazon.com/Duainfey-Sharon-Lee/dp/1416555528 which I guess isn't too bad for our first dark fantasy novel, 7 months before publication.