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it came out of the wordwork

Saltation and other questions
Second Life
Part Oneth:

Can I ask you to do me, and all Theo Waitely fans, a favor?

Really, this is a modest favor...

Go to Google, or your other favorite search engine, and type in
Saltation or Saltation

Today, on google's page, I found the Saltation of interest to
Theo Waitley's fans at number 10 on the list -- right at the bottom of the page.

Select that Saltation... and visit the page. That's all. I note that in my
search of Fledgling on Google.... the Liaden story is second, as it is on google. Yikes, our Saltation is only 18th on Dogpile!

I note that a search on Saltation Steve Miller or Saltation Sharon Lee brings our Saltation to the fore immediately, as does Saltation Liaden or saltation liaden ... thank you!

Part Twoth:

The printer's front office and back office are not quite in sync, but they are getting there. By later today I should have a delivery date/time for Liaden Universe Companion #1 in "mass market" format. These will, fingers crossed, have a debut at Boskone, and then start shipping to stores. The week after Boskone we expect to start offering them for sale through the web. Cross fingers again.

Part Threeth:

Have you seen Shelfari? Reminds me in some ways of librarything, I guess. Who knew virtual shelf space would be valuable?

Part Fourth:

Being on the cutting edge ... sometimes means things are not as smooth as you like. We did the Second Life gig on Saturday, but I forgot to change my listening/voice so i couldn't hear Sharon a good part of the event ... meaning I had to run into her room to know when she wanted to talk. We'll learn the ways... but we did our gig and then had a great time talking to people after in front of the nifty SRM Publisher booth anhyala and Shawna conjured up for us.

To work: a timer just went off and I need to remember what I'm timing...