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it came out of the wordwork

Scarcity, including Saltation, rare books, art ....distant early warning
In lieu of being in three places at once, I'll be scarce here on LJ for a week or two. Writing comes first and we've got a firm bit of rewrite with a short schedule going on with Duainfey as well as a testy chapter of Saltation. Saturday, though, I'll be in view via avatar and hearable if you visit Second Life:

The SL Literary Festival, taking place at Info Island in Second Life (www.secondlife.com where you come as you wish to be) ...

Of special note to SF fans in general of Fledgling and Saltation, with times in SL time -- which is Western...

9A - 10A: Sam Chupp (SL: Alexander Basiat) He will speak about how to start podcasting, why podcasting is important, and what libraries can do to integrate podcasts into their content offering.

(note from Steve -- Sam's been doing the voice podcast of Fledgling)

2P - 3P: Steve Miller and Sharon Lee (Authors of the SF Liaden Universe series) Fledgling and Saltation: Living Under The Shadow of the Digital Deadline. The history and some of the benefits and pitfalls of internet serialization.

I note that there's a lot more to the Festival, a lot of good stuff for librarians and book lovers and readers, and some young adult things going on in the teen side of SL as well -- this is the good parts for my regulars version.


We mailed some books Monday and Tuesday and will get some more out today: there are approximately 450 Dragon Tide in the wild now; if I get in gear may mail a few more Saturday or Monday -- weather issues keep cropping up -- if you ordered Dragon Tide before January 15 you should have it real soon now. Really.

More scarcity: due to the short and firm schedule on the Duainfey revisions, THERE WILL NOT BE A SALTATION CHAPTER FEBRUARY 18 2008. That day will be the travel day after Boskone for us.

For those of you who like art and prints: Donato!

http://www.donatoart.com/mofcart/giclee.html ... I note that Crystal Soldier is no longer being offered, so I guess they are out of print. Crystal Dragon *is* being offered. Next check, for sure...

Also, if you *really like* old SF and Mystery genre stuff to the point of collecting it, there's going to be an auction in Dallas in February ...http://historical.ha.com/ ...The Robert and Diane Yaspan Book Collection.
This seems to have the kind of stuff I dreamed of back in the day I was Curator of SF at UMBC ... letters from Lovecraft, corrected Doc Smith typescripts, Anne McCaffrey memorabilia ... I get no vut ofthis -- it's one of the things I;d do if I won the lottery.

And Friday weather looks like this: Friday : Snow...freezing rain and sleet. Snow and sleet accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible. Friday Night -- Freezing rain...sleet and rain in the evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Additional light snow accumulation. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.