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it came out of the wordwork

Slowly but slowly
Saltation continues ... somewhere below is a wordcountometer...

I gather from the keeper of the chapter-charges that we have 6 chapters worth of go-do funds on hand, so we're good until early March, considering we may not post anything the week of Boskone -- much depends on how much ahead we can get. If we can stay a week or three or six ahead we'll let you know. When I get enough in gearto change over to the new Saltation pages, you'll notice.

Count after we post Saltation Monday at noon:

4302 / 111111 words. 4% done!

Meanwhile, slow progress on other fronts. My email accounts seem to be back to work, hurrah. I am not caught up on them, but they're working. Likewise we have not mailed all the pre-ordered Dragon Tide .. see above -- I'm working on it. I have whomped up a banner for Saltation -- feel free to use it to help people connect to the story. I'm slowly sifting old pages on the remaining old ISP to see what I need to save, what should go, and what needs to be rebuilt. The ISP I left just got around to answering one of my queries 10 days after the work-order went in... so, yes. Former.

Watch out for the deer: a long time Liaden Universe reader reports surviving a deer-motorcycle collision in early January. January. Motorcycle. Maine= bad combination.

Watch out for mystery calls from Pinnacle Financial. I've been getting them, day after day, and soon will have to report them to authorities as harassing our number. I gather from a websearch that they call you, ask you to call them, and then request your social security number and checking account info to kill a bill they think they've bought simply because they call everyone in a state with your name in search of pittances. Not me Jack.