January 24th, 2008


Always expect a train

Advertent railfans and railroaders know that the maxim "always expect a train" is akin to "one hand for you and one hand for the ship" for mariners. It may sound simple, but it could save your life...

SO I give you:


wherein a deputy forgets



with no info except that darn stalling on track trick again and ...


..weather related, but stilll......

meanwhile, for those energy fans admiring nuclear power .... the environment still counts ...


version 2
Lord Black Cat

Quick notes

Some days my camera and I get along better than others. I've been thinking about getting the new Olympus ultrazoom, but am leery because it uses an older and slower memory card. The Canon I have can do OK ... but I *hate hate hate* the stupid lens cap arrangement and find the camera and I have not-infrequent artistic differences. My old Olympus cameras have been really good to me... oh... what to do?

Was going through recent photos as I dried from my shower and came up with this:

munching away at the "open plate" bird feeder on the corner of the deck -- you can see the tree we've
attached to the deck to make the birds feel more at home...

and this:

which was the sight that greeted me one morning around 5 AM when I went out to clean the cars off so we could move them for Denis the snowplow guy... who showed up before I could snap another shot...

Now back to work. Not me -- you. I got to go scritch cat belly before I can go back to work.
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