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it came out of the wordwork

Denvention, the convention in Denver, and other news
If you haven't seen my notes elsewhere, I'm reminding those folks interested in DenVention...
please get your room reservations in, RSN. We're told rooms are getting harder to find
since WorldCon will be sharing Denver with several other large conventions...

Especially take note: if you're planning for a party suite you have to talk to the committee
RSN and get your suite request into the suite lottery... else you may be left on the
outside looking in.

FWIW, the Friends of Liad have started the process, so we hope you'll be able to see us there.
SRM may have a party -- suite-space willing. If you're interested in being part of a
special-interest ( say ... Theo Waitley...) party or breakfast or get together... do let us know.
If you want to help any Liaden-oriented party ... let us know.

If you're familiar with Denver's convention center area, is there any place you'd suggest for a
Friends of Liad breakfast? I'm not sure I have a count to hand, but I do think that in
San Jose, Toronto, and Boston we sat more than a dozen to breakfast -- in fact at Toronto
we might have had 24 among multiple tables (and one heck of a waitress!).

If you've been following this blog you know we're changing some stuff -- like
a major amount of our email traffic -- around over at SRM. The first part of the
move has been stable for about seven hours now, and the srmpublisher email test-emails have
worked for the last dozen hours or so. That's a good sign.

Also, and I know this is buried deep, I should mention Theo Waitley again ...
Theo's set for three weeks going on four at this point. Now all I have to do is fix the
"Duh!" moment written into the second chapter and all will be well for next Monday...

And oh yes, watch for a Second Life talk on the Fledgling-Saltation project.
Coming up on February 2, the rough draft runs:

Fledgling and Saltation: Living Under The Shadow of the Digital

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller ventured into the storyteller bowl arena last
year with the Fledgling, a Liaden Universe novel produced a chapter-a-week
in rough draft and supported by donations. Steve Miller shares the
history and some of the benefits and pitfalls of internet serialization.

Alas, before coffee I have forgotten the exact times in RL or SL .. watch for news.