January 15th, 2008


Brief interlude

Yesterday ...

it started snowing as I was on the way to the Post Office around 8:30 in the morning, with the weather mavens calling for 4 to 8 inches, total. The ground being cold, the wind strong, and the snowfall fast, it suddenly looked a lot like winter again. Let me applaud the local school department's decision to cancel school before a flake fell -- by noon it was clear they'd done the right thing..

We had around 3 inches on the ground before Rolanni got home, leaving work well before lunch. Visibility was becoming an issue...so this morning we had 39.5 cm/15.5 inches of the stuff when I started clearing the cars ... and it was/is snowing lightly.

A couple copies of Dragon Tide got out yesterday; we signed and packed many more last night and I'll pack a bunch more later; after filling a number of sudden retail orders. A note to retail stores: that sudden phone call after dark on Monday looking for stock for an event starting 3 on Friday afternoon (some states away) -- is a thrill for us. Now I'm waiting for the plow guy to make it possible for me to get to the PO with the shipment.

Meanwhile: I spent a fair amount of time yesterday keeping the deck and the path to the cars clear, and trying to finalize my February 2nd event on Second Life.

This morning, I'd cleared the cars of snow (except is still coming down) by 6 AM. Very pretty now, with the sun graying things to the south and east.
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