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it came out of the wordwork

Liaden Universe InfoDump #66
Liaden Universe® Infodump # 66

* Jan. 13th, 2008 at 7:12 PM

In which we discuss anniversaries, Theo Waitley, travel plans, book stuff, webstuff, and ... stuff. all related to Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Liaden Universe® and other Lee and Miller creative endeavors.

20 Years and counting: Happy anniversary to Val Con and Miri!
We'd like to ask you to help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Liaden Universe®, as brought to the world through Agent of Change from Del Rey. This 247 page book changed the world for some of us (notably Sharon Lee and Steve Miller!) but also started a long-and-winding path that so far includes a couple million words of Liaden fiction, closets full of fading t-shirts and work shirts, an audio book, a serial podcast, silver pins, some good and some not so good buttons, some great book covers, avatars and islands in Second Life, and readers around the world, reading books and stories in multiple languages.

So far this year we're planning:

BOSKONE hook-up ....
As usual when we're not being guests elsewhere, we'll be at Boskone (that's in Boston) ... this year that dates are February 15 -17 and David Weber is Guest of Honor. We're both set to be on the program, but we're not sure what we'll be doing yet, though there will be a Liaden 20th Anniversary event of some kind. See http://www.nesfa.org/boskone/

We're hoping for a Friends of Liad breakfast, and we expect to debut the new mass-market-sized edition of Liaden Universe(r) Companion Volume 1 as well, with the assistance of Pandemonium Books. The con committee has helped us snag a suite for a party, details TBD. If anyone's interested in helping with/occupying such a party suite, please let us know.

A trip to Denver ...for the WORLDCON NAMED DENVENTION ... here we've also asked for suite information. Anyone want to go? Anyone want to help with a suite? We've got the time blocked out, the trip planned, and we're setting up a visit to a couple of carousels along the way.
Details at http://www.denvention3.org/

A trip to ALBACON in October, Albany, New York, USA .. where long-time Liaden fan, first reader, and general nice lady Anne McCaffrey is GoH, along with her co-author and son, Todd. We're not sure what we'll be doing there besides being there. I note that if you're close to Albany and would like to get involved, the committee has openings for everything from gophers to department heads. Details: http://www.albacon.org/

Dragon Tide
Due to some unfortunate planning on Steve's part (sigh), Dragon Tide was delayed until after Christmas -- next time he'll read the email from the printer that says "Renovations coming in December." Dragon Tide is now literally in house, and the first 225 copies signed. We only have another equal amount to sign and then Steve starts packing and shipping. The first of those pre-ordered chapbooks should be reaching readers by Saturday, January 19. Watch the skies.

Speaking of Renovations...
Our web presence is changing. Not only is the SRM Publisher catalog moving to a new location but we're working on things behind the scenes for the general Liaden website on korval.com. This will be the first attempt at a complete site rebuild since 1995 or 1998(!) so features may come and go for awhile. Both the catalog and the Liaden page side of things may experience interruptions during these rebuilds. Please be patient.

News: Theo Waitley Flies Again -- Saltation
Check here for info: http://www.korval.com/saltation/Theoconnect.html
anytime, but know that starting January 21, around noon Eastern Time, we'll post the first installment of the nearly weekly Theo Waitley novel, Saltation. We're not going to give an exact schedule this time -- because it was a very difficult thing to keep up with.

We will use most of the same arrangements as Fledgling, basically planning one installment a week until the story is done near the end of the year, assuming reader support warrants. We're shooting for a world count of around 111,111 words; we note that various word processors give different word counts for the same body of text.

We're not going to attempt to predict a chapter count this time -- we learn by doing. Saltation will have a pay button that should go live about the time the first installment is posted. We are still accepting donations toward Fledgling; please do not combine Fledgling and Saltation donations: our accountant hates that!

To visit Fledgling, now complete in rough draft, see _http://www.korval.com/fledgling/_

In Other News
We'll be taking part in another event as part of the online Second Life community -- The SL Literary Festival, Saturday, 2 February 2008 will be going on at Info Island. Check in at InfoIsland or watch our blogs for update.

Blogs of Note
Steve Miller's blog, Journeyman: http://kinzel.livejournal.com/
Sharon Lee's blog, Eagles over the Kennebec: http://rolanni.livejournal.com/
Theo_Waitley, the discussion group for readers of _Fledgling_: http://community.livejournal.com/theo_waitley/
Where Dragons Rest, a Liaden Universe® readers group:

Disclaimer Stuff
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