January 9th, 2008


In brief

It was, very briefly, a warm and sunny day. Otherwise, I put in a lot of of miles in rain, fog, drizzle, mist, fog, and damp road spray. Temps hit 50-something. Gah ... give me my winter back.


You may have seen that the Philip K. Dick Award finalists have been announced. The other part -- choosing from among the seven -- is going on now. That's keeping the jury (including me) hopping. Our part there will be finished soon. This will free some time. We averaged something over a book a week; some days we got three or four to consider.


I expect to start getting the long-delayed Dragon Tide chapbook into the mail this weekend. The proof was good, hooray.

I expect we'll be announcing, here and elsewhere, details on the Fledgling follow-on, this weekend.

Watch for changes on the SRM Publisher catalog page. We may need to shut that page down for a few days to make it happen since I'll be changing ISPs.

I'm waiting on a new-and-improved proof of the mass market LUC1. The cost has gone up but I'm not raising the price, still considering this an experiment. If the proof is acceptable we can go forward fairly soon. No individual advance orders, thanks. If you're a book club, bookstore, or dealer, we can talk...
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