January 2nd, 2008


Things are happening -- here's a few

The holidays took a toll on my email storage and I've been working my way through deep piles of messages to find things of note and utility.

One thing was a note from Derek Benner about the ebook project he's been involved with: reviews say this is the lightest of the current crop, and the the various video presentations are pretty impressive. ...
See: naebllc.com for information about the Bookeen Cybook Gen3 and how you can get one at a discount. Derek's been a big reader of ours over the years and has been pushing ebooks since forever. Do take a look. If you get yours in time for Boskone and can make the con, bring it along to a Friends of Liad breakfast...

Meanwhile, a reminder from our friends at CoSine ....http://www.firstfridayfandom.org/cosine/ ... this year's con will be February 1-3, 2008 and feature longtime sf writer and pontificator Mike Resnick as Guest of Honor.
Like most cons they can use some gofers, and like most cons they can always use a few new faces. We're pretty well stuck back east until Denvention, but as a former GoH I want to tell you that CoSine is tempting, and as a small convention it gives you an really good chance to talk to the guest of honor and panelists up close and personal. If you get there, tell Mike Resnick we said hello... and wave to Pikes Peak for us, too!

I'm sure there was something else, so if I remember it, I'll let you know...

and oh yeah, if you hear from teh guy at warranty services, or the one who asks "when the government speaks, do you listen?" while trying to sell impossible credit stuff by phone, please tell them they ought to book a trip to Demos, slowboat. I'm waiting for SRM Publisher news on Dragon Tide and keep getting useless calls from phone spammers.