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it came out of the wordwork

We're not home right now...
We're on the road and Haysus is connecting us; zoom...really odd how many people have WIFI now that I have a convenient way to get at it. I recall schlepping 10 pounds of computer with the hopes that somewhere I might find connectitvity at under $10/hr. Now that I have a 2 lb computer, I can connect free from lots of places. Guess carrying that old thing around was worth it ...

So we're butterflying about this morning, expecting to arrive home in the evening snow. Well, that's not too bad, as long as we do get our day out and about.

This year I seem to be finding music; in last ten days I've picked up about ten hours of new music and leads on a lot more. Speaking of which, what, or who ... anyone out there familiar with the work of Anders Osborne? I've heard one cut in full and some partials and he seems to have a Van Morrison-like sound, which isnt' a bad thing from here...

More after breakfast, or maybe not.