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it came out of the wordwork

Twixt and Tween
The dusk-activated holiday lights just came on -- but there's still light out there. An unfortunate amount of snow has melted. The Subaru's replacement windshield, against great odds, did arrive today, though not at the happy hour of 8 AM ... given that we got up at 6:30 this darkside so we could be in place at 8 AM (sigh), the non-arrival was somewhere between inconvenient and really aggravating.

Eventually we convinced them of necessity, decisively left the car in front of the shop, went to Tim's for breakfast, and went on with our day. I think we finally picked the Subaru up around 2:30, and then I shopped some more in I Dare while Rolanni trundled on home in the Binjali-mobile.

The next few days we are scheduled here and there, the there being why having the Subaru was of some interest...

And so: a mostly full moon tonight and in the morning. We're on the upside after Solstice and Christmas hasn't hit here yet, so call me twixt and tween -- I have stuff I want to do, stuff I need to do, and stuff to prepare for. Also holidays at all kinds of levels.

Catch you when I can, I will, and in the meanwhile be good to people and hug those you can, scritch the cats, walk the dogs, and eat cookies with careless abandon. Celebrate whatever you celebrate...

as I say, catch you when I can.