December 19th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Quick: a small non-poll

A few questions for the readers in the peanut gallery:

Would you rather read:
a theme anthology
a year's best anthology

In a bookstore would you rather buy:
a new novel by someone you've heard of but never read
a new novel by someone you've never heard of

Would you more likely buy:
a novel set in a tie-in universe
a novel set in an original universe

The first thing you notice about a new author is:
the title of the book is good
the cover art of the book is good
the gender of the author

When it comes to cover blurbs you:
almost always read them
almost always ignore them
read them if they're by authors you like
always think they waste space
consider writing to the blurbers and ask them what were they drinking when they wrote the blurb, and where can you get some of *that*?

Do you go to book signings?
Elucidate above

Are you a member of the BTC -- that is, the Book Turners Club? Do you turn books by authors you like cover face-front in a bookstore?
If yes, above, will you do it for us RSN? Thanks!

Do you go to science fiction conventions?
If yes above, do you go because particular guests will attend, or for the general fun of it? Do you have a "home" convention?

For the writers:

do you think the audience for your work is:
average read-anything types
hardcore fans
geeks only
housewives in Iowa
your agent first, then your editor
the marketing department at B&N

And one last question...
do you listen to podcasts?

If so:
the latest Fledgling podcast from Fireheart Foundry