December 18th, 2007



So ...

a few changes in the works.

we are now accepting mail for SRM Publisher in a new location --

SRM Publisher Ltd.
PO Box 707
Waterville, ME 04903

the Unity address will continue to work for some time; the 13th Liaden chapbook will have the Unity address. This should save us around several hours of travel time as well as between 5 and 8 gallons of gas most weeks. After the middle of January we'll be picking up mail from Unity about once a week.

We'll be designing a new site. The shopping cart isn't all that needs fixing. I'll be working with an outside shop in an effort to fix the order system/shopping cart problems resulting from my old system's lack of scalability. As it is I'm behind almost across the board. Not the printer's fault, not Paypal's fault, just a simple lack of looking far enough ahead and trying to use 10 year-old code and connections in a wildly updated internet.

Watch for changes. If you're waiting for a book/books/answer, likely I'm still working on it.

More as time permits.