December 14th, 2007


When things happen close to home

Sometimes things happen -- you hear reports of accidents or incidents some place you've been -- and it feels distant. Sometimes, not so much with the distance.

SO, if you follow my reports here, you've heard me mention the Pilot station in Fairfield -- that's where, for example, I tanked up before heading off to Montreal in October and before heading south to Baltimore in November.

If you've been following our story longer than that you may recall that we lived in Skowehegan, and even that, shortly after we moved to Maine, when the promised "on delivery check" from Ballantine/Del Rey was some months overdue (and we'd moved to Maine from Randallstown so we'd have enough money to live on while we wrote), I'd taken a job in a convenience store, working mostly evening and night shifts, to make ends meet while the only bookkeeper at Ballantine took 6 week trip to Hawaii.

So... The Pilot mentioned here is one I frequent. I was in for gas and Pepsi on Tuesday. The Irving is across the street from a store we visit and (until a recent fire they've not rebuilt from), we'd eat in the dining room at the Irving.

The Big Apple in Skowhegan (or Skowtown, as some call it) is on one of the main routes out of town and we've shopped there, but not so recently.

However, the Madison Avenue Cumberland Farms store in the photos is where I was working 19 years ago, this week. In fact, I worked five to six nights a week there starting the day after Thanksgiving and running all that snowy December of 1988... including Christmas and New Year. This robbery would have been on my shift.

Where these miscreants were 19 years ago, I dunno and I don't much care. But you know, I wore the blue Cumbies coat, and I go to the local Cumbies in Winslow, a lot. I know *exactly* how much room there is behind that counter in Skowtown and I have a real clue of how trapped you can feel back there.

Sometimes 19 years doesn't feel so long. I wonder how much time you re3ally get for 4 robberies in 4 hours? Probably not enough. Thieves like these steal from us all.
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