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it came out of the wordwork

Been up for an hour and the sun is still well down
Been up for an hour and the sun is still well down; we have rose glow on the eastern horizon and the sky fades from black to blue. My remote thermometer told me it was -9F this morning while Waterville of the River was claiming 3 degrees at riverside.

Spent some time packing books and trying to work out details of what went wrong with the shopping cart "system" I built years ago and it turns out some things really don't scale well. When SRM started we were selling on the order of ... a book or two a day in rush periods and a book a week during the slow months, which was what we mostly had. These days we do have book or two a day periods, but they're the rule and when we have a rush, as say when an Infodump hits, we could get 30 orders a day, many of them multi-book. Tomorrow I'm due to talk to a web service to see if they can help me get some order to this mess early next year.

On funner topics:

Chess last night; when I drove by the clock-and-thermometer in town on the way home... Waterville was a balmy 8 degrees. I hardly noticed since I was on a streak -- won 3 of the regular club rated games, one against Mark and 2 against John; and then John challenged me to some 10 minute games, where I grabbed the first 2, lost the second 2, and then took 3 in a row. This was one of my better nights in the last year, chess-wise. If there was a theme last night it was "how to lose the exchange and win big". If you're not into chess that simply means being on the "wrong" side of a trade of a bishop for a rook. In general one wants the rook but in some spots having a bishop or knight instead of a rook can be GOOD.

So, we had breakfast, Rolanni is on the way to the college, Scrabble and Mozart are getting their naps, and time for me to get to work, too.

By the way, coffee with a touch of cinnamon. Good stuff.