December 9th, 2007


Author needs assistance, mentions stuff, gets back to work...

Hands up now:

How many of you have experienced earthquakes? If no, go to section 2.

How many can recall *sounds* from the earthquake -- actually sounds *of* the earthquake? I don't mean the sound of cans of beans falling in the aisles, but a sound made by the earth/earthquake itself? I've been in a GRAND TOTAL of one small earthquake of noticeable proportions, but we're talking * v small* ... and I'm needing information on big hummers of earthquakes, particularly quakes with significant duration.

How many have experienced earthquakes while already outdoors -- camping, in a park, on a farm, someplace away from ordinary sounds of a city? Talk to me about your recall of the motion of shrubs, bushes, small trees big trees. What about the response of wildlife -- birds, larger wildlife, squirrels?

How about experiencing an earthquake while at a beach or on the water ... do tell!

Thank You in Advance.

Section 2a: Before Labor Day

Boskone is approaching. We'll be there. We're hoping for a Friends of Liad breakfast. We may ask some locals to help supply uncon food and supplies since the hotel is sort of in the midst of nowhere, IIRC.

February 15-17, 2008, Westin Waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts.

Guest of Honor: David Weber Official Artist: Dean Morrissey
Special Guest: Bruce Coville
Featured Filker: Seanan McGuire


The hotel/conference center is ... really nifty. Except there's not much to walk to.
We've already bought train tickets.

*Amended to note that we have hotel reservations in house, too.

Section 2b:

Denvention 3 - the 66th Worldcon - Denver Worldcon in 2008

OK ... we got our memberships for Denvention and Sharon actually has enough time off for us to get from the wilds of Maine to urban Denver and back traveling by train, which most of you know is our preferred mode of long distance transport. If you're going to the con as well and considering traveling by train, will you be using the Lake Shore to California Zephyr route? Maybe we can plan lunch in Chicago before the Zephyr zooms us off. The "party hotel" has a lot of suites -- will we have enough members of Friends of Liad there to put together an FoL suite? I think hotel reservations are not yet being taken. We should certainly have an FoL breakfast there. Trips like this are what the Trip Jar are for ....

*Amended to say ... no hotel reservations yet, nor train tickets. We're still debating our arrival date.

Part 3: After Labor Day

In case you didn't hear: we'll be at AlbaCon. Who else will be there?
Guest of Honor: Anne McCaffrey and Guest of Honor: Todd McCaffrey

That's ... and we're hoping for a Friends of Liad breakfast there. Still lots of time to plan for this, I betcha.

*Amended to note that we have room reservations for AlbaCon in house, now. Plan ahead -- this con will fill the hotel quickly!