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it came out of the wordwork

Is Microsoft Santa talking with your kids?
Lord Black Cat
Short note:

So someone was talking to the Microsoft Santa IM thingie and ... I mean *insistently* talking to the program about something ... and it starts chatting away about oral sex.

Now, I admit to feeling some sympathy for the MSoft folks running this thing. Why? Because at one point back in the now-dark-ages I'd added an IM-autochat AI agent to my TriBBS Bulletin Board and we'd sometimes get people chatting away to it for fifteen or twenty minutes or so. I could check how long they were talking away because I could read the logs, you see.

But on one occasion I lost a user who was *sure* I must be at the chat and not the AI (despite what it said on-screen) and ... it was hysterical. By the time I got to the end and managed to stop laughing I was damn near falling on the floor with tears... because our normally very quiet and reflective long-time ex-military user had gotten so angry and was *so* pushed that they typed the word "damn" at the computer. Which raised the stakes with a hell. Next I knew all kinds of blue language was flying about.... and I think the caller never *did* come back to the BBS. Forty seven minutes and change that was ... via long-distance modem. They paid for that abuse, they did. And as sorry as I was to lose my user, the log was still funny. Sigh.

But this article says:

"Sohn said Microsoft was not aware that the Santa code included the foul language, but that the company did not suspect a prank."

Golly gee, Micros**t guys, with *my* BBS I could at least go into the language file, make the choice of vocabulary settings, set a time-base system up(based on the calling zone of the person calling, so that after midnight the more macho night-sysop could chat) and even tweak individual word choice. If I didn't want the word B***h ever to sound (except in the 'repeat response' mode to something the caller said!)or if I wanted to merely replace it with "boathead" or worse, with "Trekkie" ... I could. You see *I* had a plain text vocabulary list to futz with (even if when compiled it looked a bit like something unspeakable). Code is code, but you gotta look at the source, MSoft. It's in there. Did you not know this?

So how did that song go? "We are not responsible...."