December 5th, 2007

Yard Iggle

Several bits of important news for Lee & Miller fans and fans in general

if you haven't seen it yet, Liaden Universe Infodump #65 is online on Rolanni's blog... including news about recent publications, near instant availability of an eARC, and our convention schedule for next year, and the fact that Dragon Tides is late and will be late -- but we don't yet know how late.

By the way, we've been trying to get this information out to the FoL list but haven't seen it "come back" yet. We've been having some serious problems with ewmail connectivity locally of late and aren't sure if this is the change to Road Runner haunting us or not.

Next, here's an update on a project to bring the future to many children. Is it risky? Probably. Is it happening? Yes -- One Laptop Per Child. A laptop designed to help children learn how to learn, in the roughest conditions.

We're planning on giving one ourselves, even after getting our eee PCs for our anniversary.. Maybe Boskone can have an OLPC and eee pc room somewhere, who knows?

Did I mention that the major commercial interests (Micrsoft and Intel, in this case) seem to be doing their best to make sure OLPC does not get the foothold it is after? Microsoft is dropping the cost of their operating system in some countries to near $0 to try to keep Linux and the OLPC out of the hands of people who might grow up not thinking of MSoft as be all in software. Intel seems to be trying to countersell a machine to many countries so AMDs chips won't be the big guns of this changetime...

Another article on the OLPC:,2933,314802,00.html