December 1st, 2007


This late report

Right. The report is that I'm late.

I am, alas, more behind on things than usual, being both under the weather and multiply occupied. Perhaps chess Monday was not a good plan. Still not king, still not entirely recovered from the trip to Maryland. The cough and cold are being leaning to sinus headaches and related nonsense. We got the furnace fixed; yes it was emitting a bit of smoke and.... no, the CO detector did not go off. Whatever, figure we're *both* somewhat under the weather at this point.

Email is backed up on at least three accounts, Dragon Tides is about 10 days behind where it should be, (which means it is not in the mail and won't be for a few more days) and fixes to websites are behind, too. Shipping of recent orders is behind, but I've been needing to stay close to home. Sorry -- looks like not finding an office in town and attendant intern in the fall is costing me now.


got snailmail for SRM Publisher or me? Rather than Unity, send to:

SRM Publisher Ltd
PO Box 707
Waterville, ME 04903

This address should become the official business address over time, might as well start now.

More notes:

Lee and Miller have a new Liaden story out called Misfits -- you can find it under "science fiction" at Jim Baen's Universe, the issue is on sale fresh today. Lee and Miller also recently signed our side of an antho contract for a reprint of our short story Naratha's Shadow; when we have the countersigned copy we'll let you know details.

Snowed a dusting overnight, is v breezy, temp is 17 degrees F with a wind chill of 0 F. We've lost power several times this morning, and I'm wondering what that portends since the meteorologist's blog here ( )figures we have a good chance for significant snow starting tomorrow night, and wind and temps showing lots of blowing fluffy snow a real likelihood. I've met John Jensenius and his forecasting rocks.

I have placed snow shovels -- one beside the door on the deck, and one against the front wall in case someone needs to dig on in and up the stairs. I'm charging my v rarely used cellphone, Haysus the ASUS is charged, and I guess the UPS on the computer downstairs is charged since I haven't had that machine on since before I left for Maryland. We have wood in the basement for the woodstove, but ... we have too many books too close to the stove to use it right now. Gotta have a big sale. See above re office in town: too many books in basement should have been solved before the assessor came and before winter hit.

I should get to email and writing RSN. Got lots of things to catch up on. Scrabble is proposing a nap. Where's my flipping coin?
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