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it came out of the wordwork

Ketchup, with chips and chess notes
Lord Black Cat
OK ...

so some have asked, "how do you like the new little Linux machine?"

Well, from a serious, scholarly point of view, I like it a great big bunch.

I've used mine on the order of ten hours of real work so far; I've written on it, posted to LJ from it, and I've used it flawlessly from wireless access points in several states, including sitting in my car, and sitting besides the Deli in a monster food market. The quick boot-up and shut-down time is good for drive-by surfing, but you *do* have to understand that wifi drains the battery quickly.

My accessories include a Targus minimouse and ... another case.

Yep, see the review below: the machine in absolute fighting trim weighs in at around 2 lbs, which is a great thing for wandering around in and out of hotel hotspots and all.

But geekly, on my trip I had an almost new USB folding keyboard (which I could have left home, actually, since the built-in works really well) and the mouse, and I wanted to have the docs with me since it was brand new, and I wanted to make sure the charge plug didn't get lost in the rest of my luggage...and so I slipped the 701 inside the come-with slinky stretch-case into a Targus DVD case with all the pieces and paper ...even then it came in at under 5 lbs, and the case is not all that lightweight.

An extra case? Why?, for Ghod's sake someone asks faintly. That ruins the cool....

OK, guys, so you're off in the New Baltimore rest area on the NY Thruway, just you and the machine, and you've been using the WIFI and you're getting ready to hit the road for a 6 hour run and it's you and your ASUS and your coffee gut and coffee necessity.

So you go to the rest room with that slick case tucked under your arm and then you ... ummm ... how many hands do *you* have? Gonna tuck it (the computer, dummy!) in your waistband? Gonna sit it in on the floor in the stall? (OK, say everyone has a perfect aim but it's been raining or snowing outside, which it had).

It won't hang around your neck in that spandex case, and if you're whizzing away at the pissoir trying to tuck that slick thing under your armpit is possible but ...iffy. My advice? Get something to hold it when you can't.

By the way, I took the ASUS into my local Staples looking for that supplementary case and it was a suggestion (after we looked together at a half dozen way too large cases meant for 14 inch monsters) of the saleswoman there that I ... go to Walmart and look at DVD cases. And all the pieces including power-plug fit very well, the machine3 in it's slip case ready to slide out at a moment's notice, and the carry straps allow hand-free carrying. You be the judge.


Oh, and how good is the wifi? I was visiting a friend and forgot my last use had been a wifi event; when the machine booted and the little blue light on the right side flashed ... it meant I had located a wifi access point. Yep, sitting in a dining room of a house with no direct net connectivity in a housing development in darkest Maryland it picked up 7 access points at one time, 5 of them unprotected and thus trulio accessible. Your call.

Meanwhile, chess last night was somewhat more somber than usual; still the games went on. I managed one good and one fair game against Mark, meaning I won one and then took a draw on what I thought was going to be a win; against John I went 1 and 1, with my loss the better game until I mislocated my king one square right instead of one square back in an unforced error... sigh. ... and then John and I went at the ten-minute rated games hammer-and-tongs... where he went 3-2 and this I was 2-3.

Hiho BitBucket, and away.....