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it came out of the wordwork

Chess is people, short post,
Yesterday ....

went to a funeral service for chess club member Romeo "Gary" Trask, age 65, of Unity; he'd been a member of the Waterville Chess Club for something over 25 years and died of a longtime ailment while I was away to Maryland. Life imitates life -- he was a fighter as a chess player and put up a good fight against his heart problems; we'd thought we'd lost him several times these last four years only to have him bounce back after a hospital stay and show up with his grin and "Can I come in?" for another night of chess.

Meanwhile, Garry Kasparov, former world champion of chess.... is in jail in Russia. So much for the political reforms wrought by the Bush house guest who came to Maine to visit the Dad in the Kennebunks.... just google any major news service for the latest on Garry ...

Tonight is chess night.

Meanwhile, if you need something to do ...