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it came out of the wordwork

Thanksgiving fog
A very foggy day here; I've spent a lot of it not at the TV but at the computer trying to catch up with notes to and from SRM Publisher customers.

First, we've got returns on our shipments of LUC#2 -- things marked up by the PO in some cases and in others marked by unknown assailants armed with red crayons, blue magic markers, cross (and definitive) pencil, and homemade labels. Assorted messages range from the ordinary "moved, left no forwarding address" to the cryptic to "Refused" ...
and in trying to track down some of these folks and ask "what should we do now?"

I have also run into dead-end email addresses, and the inevitable earthlink refusals ... to the point that I'm going to stop using earthlink email addresses yet again. I mean, if you order something from me from an email address you ought to be prepared to let me send you a message without going through a begging system.

I see in some cases that someone -- either us in making lables or the customers in filling out orders -- have transposed zipcode numbers. Our postoffice helped us catch many of these before we put boxes in mail, but, alas, some come through.

Sigh.... If you LUC2 order has not arrived by December 1, do let us know.