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it came out of the wordwork

Back in gear this weekend, but while I'm away...
Lord Black Cat
So, the Kindle is out, eh?

Google it and you'll see it costs $399. It locks you in to all kinds of rules.


Meanwhile, you can buy a Linux powered eee PC .. which is not only something you can read on, but a full computer, with a useful keyboard. Not the same device. The eee weighs several pounds, the Kindle around 11 ounces.

I dunno...given the Rocket eBook fiasco, I'm leery of the Kindle. And I'm not sure that the Kindle is kind to the ebooks you already own.

But there, I was part of the early push for ebooks, so I *am* biased. You can buy our ebooks from Baen for much less than an amazon price, and ... you don't need to sue it on a machine that will report back to amazon every time you open a book...

"The Device Software will provide Amazon with data about your Device and its interaction with the Service (such as available memory, up-time, log files and signal strength) and information related to the content on your Device and your use of it"...

By the way ... found that link for Webscriptions... http://www.webscription.net/m-5-srm-publisher.aspx

Speaking of wifi, the signal is fluctuating wildly. Will catch you all later this week; if you celebrate turkey day, have a good one!