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it came out of the wordwork

Things in passing
From Eldersburg ...

where the "little Professor" bookstore has two copies of Agent of Change ...signed by me and not by Sharon ... still looking for Agent? --check them out!

...just finished lunch with my sister and am using the wii at the store she works for ...

so, in the back of the Subaru with the I Dare plates is a plastic Santas
statue ...

The trip from Pilot to the Maryland Line took 12 hours even and was 700 miles.

...came in from I-83 on the back roads to Reisterstown ... and within 5 minutesof gettin off the expressway I braked for a rabbit ... and afew hundred yardsdown the road, I braked for a fox...yep, what they used to caall "hunt country"

Ooops ... time to go ... will check in later