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it came out of the wordwork

The way it is, everywhere....
Just got an IM from Rolanni, aka Kit, aka Sharon ...

which included this link:


indicating that someone has a clue to what shape the universe is in today....

and the paper is here:

Wheee ...

So today I test electronics. The new cellphone gets a v weak signal here (today) if I stand out in the mixed rain and snow. i have made one phone call with it successfully. It charges and will travel with me.

I'm still looking for a name for... my newest linux machine. This eee pc weighs about 2 pounds soaking dry, comes with ethernet, wifi, and has a typable keyboard ...though I am accessorizing since the cute carrycase it comes with has no room for the power cord. Right now it sits next to this computer, playing WFUV, just because it can. So, this travels with me, too. Eventually I'll try out the Skype feature...

I saw earlier news that amazon.com is expected to unveil an e-book reader come Monday...they are calling it Kindle? Sigh.

More later, time permitting, else from the road.