November 15th, 2007


The more things change:

... the odder the world is. Trust me. I mean, last week it looked good to use Canadian currency as a safe-haven for dollars. You can't use flooding in Bangladesh as a sign of normality.


Good news is:
Snow mixed with rain is the sudden forecast on the overnight, with a chance of an inch or two of snow before noon tomorrow. Whoa!

Other news is:
Me, I may be thin in these parts for a few days, due to an evolving family commitment in Maryland.

I'll try to report in as I can, though you may not hear from me until Wednesday. I was thinking about the cellphone connection ... but I'm going through the same kind of cellphone madness Rolanni went through last month as the local phone networks and towers get revamped. Lucky us. I have a new rather old-fashioned phone for new-tech phone which is *still* not finding the network. We shall see. Hah .. Wonder if I can Skype my way in from a wired MickyDees?

Bad news is:
This trip may add a week to the holiday chapbook schedule; necessity exists.
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