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it came out of the wordwork

Chess fest
So ... last night after expecting I would *not* go to chess I changed my mind since I had to go to town to take the bottles to redemption...

So, redeeming bottles and picking up a tasty ham&cheese-on-roll from the Hannaford, I dropped into the chess club after things were already sort of in-gear... and accepted a rated challenge from Vaughn. I won the first one in a very wild shoot-out that ended up with me having two bishops and 2 extra pawns against two rooks. The second game was a slow, hard fight with me managing to eke out a draw at the last second with a kinda fancy stalemate threat ... time troubles made it hard for my opponent and it ended a draw. Then John challenged me to some ten minute games... and I won six of the nine...

So that was a good time for me...