November 9th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Curioser and Curioser ... or very mixed grill at lunch time

Mixed grill indeed ...

What was Hitler's dinnerware doing in Maine?

Meanwhile, I have less than 30 items in the living room to pack and ship.
I am, however, out of some of the supplies and tomorrow is going to be a hard day to coordinate things ... so I assume the last of the actual pre-orders of Liaden Universe Companion(r) Number Two will get out Monday.

Your book is very likely in the mail if you haven't got it already, though, since yesterday we took the largest lot yet to the PO... to the tune of a whopping big postage bill... and some disgruntled fellow patrons who would prefer me not to mail when it's their day to go to the post office.

Rolanni, Mozart, and Scrabble: your living room should return Monday, too.