November 6th, 2007


Anniversary .... #27

A rainy day,

and I get to go out in a little while with Sharon and vote for myself in the municipal elections as well as deal with those pesky referendum issues and after then we'll go out to dinner. Chinese? Sounds possible ... maybe Lucky Panda since we've been to cousin Lee's a number of times in a row.

Was planning on a scenic drive between voting and dinner ... now I'm not sure. Maybe we'll go bother the folks at the real estate place about the office location Im sort of interested in.

Maybe we'll go look at the flash-drives at a local business store .. or drive in the rain all the way to Augusta to re-up an SRM Publisher Sam's Club membership.

Already today I've been to the PO and posted another 50 odd packages -- say 60 books -- and then went to another PO to check on availability of PO boxes. With the cost of gas above $3/gallon and the value of the dollar plummeting and so increasing that cost overtime... I think we'll be see real-life savings in short order by not running all the way to Unity all the time. Pity, that. An aside -- my gas today cost $2.99 a gallon because the pump was stuck there. After I got gas the mechanic opened the pump to fix the problem ... it was supposed to be $3.09.
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