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it came out of the wordwork

Happy Monday! And yesterday's interview (with a long reading snippet), too ...
Second Life
Here it is at 5:58 AM, Selene is shining in the growing dawnlight with Venus peeking demurely over her shoulder, and m,. i get to look forward to....

another run to the Post office!

I am not quite done with the back-ordered pre-orders of LUC#2 -- we had to run to the PO late Saturday morning for some supplies and now are hoping we've got sufficient quantities. I'll pack some more in the next half hour, stop for breakfast, pack a few more after Rolanni gets on the road, and once the PO is well open, I'll dash down so I can stand-around while they torture the other people in line by calmly processing these 115 items, one by one...

Our interview yesterday on Second Life went extremely well, with the technical glitches we'd run into with other online interviews totally absent.

Please visit .... http://www.slcn.tv/meet-author-steve-miller-sharon-lee

We were quite pleased with the turnout and after the fact discovered we had fellow SFWA member and sometimes podcaster Michael Stackpole in the audience. The interview was fun, the reading portion (from Changeling) went well, and we had a great time being "on TV" from the otherwise anonymous comfort of Sharon's office.

More later, I hear coffee call my name.