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it came out of the wordwork

Good day to all who celebrate, other news and thoughts
Lord Black Cat
Here, brilliant blue skies, crisp morning, a car full of packages to get to the PO. Yes, we're still signing and mailing.

The woodpeckers are rejoicing -- I've renewed their subscription to yummy Woodpecker Seedblocks of the week.

Coming up: we'll be interviewed on Second Life TV RSN, watch for details.

SAD NEWS: HANK REINHARDT http://community.livejournal.com/sfwa/34141.html#cutid1

Scrabble, on the co-pilots chair, is dreaming: all 4 paws *and* her muzzle are twitching.

And I earlier this week failed to mention my goshwow experience of Monday morning, when I was traveling toward Waterville to deliver some books to the PO. As I approached a T in the road -- one may go toward Winslow to the left or Benton toward the right --- going straight ahead takes you into someone's living room, and if you persevere, into the Sebasticook River beyond the house ... as I was approaching this point, brakes not quite squealing, I was rewarded to the sudden appearance, as of a B-29 zooming up over the top of a mountain ... a glorious wingspan looking as wide as the house and just above it, heading straight toward me --

Bald eagle.

He apparently decided that Silver Subaru wasn't on the day's menu and peeled away -- I swear his wingspan felt longer than the car!-- and when last seen he was diving back toward the river, in the direction of Winslow.