October 30th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Work in Progress

Live without a net...

I've spent the last week grabbing odd moments and watching TV on my computer... nope, not Youtube, not the World Series, just a bunch of folks hanging around and doing a lot of talking, and playing with fancy toys, and mating ... this morning they were mating the P6-P5 interface, which is to say they were attaching one part of the truss to the other while somewhere over my head, and maybe your head too. Live, without a net they are, though I guess they *do* have tethers.


Speaking of work in progress ... while I'm watching the astronauts at work I'm also assembling things myself -- boxes for a few more double orders of Liaden Universe Companion Number 2.

... yesterday I delivered about 75 orders to the PO and picked up some more boxes and other supplies. Alas, an eBay expert was using the same PO at the same time, so between us we had two of the three windows at the Waterville Post Office jammed for quite some time... and thus, a line out to the door formed while we waited. Thing is that when dealing with the orders is that *each order* must be hand-scanned, address comfirmed, and the labels-they-call-postage applied by hand to each box/shipment. And, yesterday, the computers issuing the labels and stamps was slow as molasses, so we'd have to wait while things hummed and twirred and mrrrped. Also had a helpful PO guy point out that if I used the special boxes that were twice the size of the one I was using I could save as much as $3 in postage on some orders .. and so while he worked I took small boxes and placed them in larger boxes, thus increasing their weight and volume... and decreasing what it would cost to mail them. Wait a minute....

I did get to the chess club last night with mixed results; guess I'm getting over-cautious because I lost what I thought was a won game...on time. Sigh. On the other hand, I may have been still recovering from the effects of a close-call deer encounter on the drive to the chess club -- I guess I came within a meter of a leaping, twisting deer at the edge of the road at dusk. Lucky, the both of us.

Coffee-time, time for breakfast, and then these boxes I've been making while watching NASA TV get filled. Alas... I don't get NASA TV in the living room where all the piles are: got to get that Housenet working....

Later today, a 30 mile round-trip to the Unity PO to stand and deliver. So to speak.

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